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Follow your heart and start giving your ideas and dreams a chance. In life you never be 100% sure it will work but you can always be 100% sure doing nothing won’t work!
Either you succeed or you learn something! So close your eye and feel your dream! Now jump with a leap of faith!

What a blessed day! I snuggled my princess last night. My son and I got baptized! Had wonderful family friends supporting us. Went to brunch with kids, mom and grandma, someone paid for our breakfast (thank you so much that was very kind), then went to our church picnic and spent time with my church family…. Playing bean bags, blow up bounce house, volleyball, fun running around.
Picked up scooby doo movie and relaxing!
Once kids hit the hay, I will get in some work! Thank you lord for a beautiful blessed day, I would greatly appreciate a repeat!

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