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Harness the Power of Accountability

Admittedly, accountability isn’t the sexiest word in the English language. But the concept it represents is extremely powerful.

The idea behind it is that when we’re left to our own devices, it’s easy to come up with excuses not to do something.

“I’m tired, I don’t feel like it, it’s too much work, it’s too hard.”

Blah blah blah.

Let’s be real. 99% of it is just excuses our “small self” makes to stay comfortable and avoid stepping into greatness.

The solution is simple: build structures in your life that will hold you to a higher standard and that will prevent you from coming up with excuses.

There are several ways to do this. Here are a few to consider:

Get an accountabilibuddy, a workout partner, work side-by-side with a coworker (or friend), hire a coach or join my Challenge group!

Whatever specific system you use, the most important thing is that it takes away your ability to procrastinate and make excuses, and that it makes you stick to your plan and highest values.

MMI- Monday Male Inspiration is Dennis Bergeron he is not a celeb to you but he is to us!

He is a loving husband and father & an inspiration through knowledge health.

I got to know him better at our leadership retreat and all he talked about was how through helping others achieve their goals through r being an independent Beachbody coach he is going to achieve one of his goals of bringing his wife home so she can enjoy the same rewards he does being able to work from home & spend precious time with their children!!!

Keep inspiring!!! (at

If I could provide you with a workout that:

*Build lean muscle mass, increases endurance, conditions and incinerates fat all at the same time
*develops the coordination, agility, and muscle speed of a mixed martial arts warrior
*Maximizes calorie burn during and after your workout
*improves posture, core strength and stability
*Build self-confidence, strength, and power
*support as if you have your own personal trainerX10
*And nutrition that will fill your gaps that your nutrient deficient giving you energy and helping you fight cravings.

on a scale of 1 to 10 how serious would you be about committing! (at

So much to share so much to say,
this girl is exhausted from an amazing day!

Everyday people doing extraordinary things,
Listening to their stories of how crazy life can bring.

Emotions have flowed, lives changed,
Now that we end up leaving trails are life will not be the same.

God has a purpose for everyone,
To live this life and run!

Not from problems but closer to a goal,
Becoming a Beachbody coach lifted my soul.

Thank you all for everything you do,
This is just the beginning of a start of something new!

Love you all!! (at

Wanna experience the hardest 30 mins of your life?! The only thing standing between you and the body you want…… is YOU!

It’s not about finishing it’s about how far you can go before you MAX out!

I was ready to MAX out around 13mins BUT my MAX out time was 21:32 and 30mins later I’m still shaking!!

Coming in DeC to be notified of its release date get your email plugged in here! 

Jan 1st starts insanity MAX challenge group! (at


As I sit here and think about my life I can’t help to think how truly blessed I am!

I’m not going to say I had a bad life but I’ve had my fair shares of ups and downs, failures & losses.

Most of us set ourselves up for failure before we even start because we doubt ourselves therefore we never put our foot forward to even try to succeed.

Unfortunately most of us wait til the moment in life when there is a Have to vs. WANT to change. We wait for that moment when there’s is no other choice! My back surgery was that breaking point.

This is why I stress the importance of why you want to make a change. Of why it’s important to to take that step now instead of waiting til the moment life smacks you in the face.

Think highly of yourself and tell yourself and tell yourself you will do this. The world will take you at your estimate!

I’ve come to realize how short life really is. I’ve come to see that there is so much more beauty to smiling, staying positive, and seeing the bright side of things when you don’t think that you can. Even when you think there’s no hope, there’s no way out, you’re already at bottom. This is when you have no other place to gland it’s time to go up!

invest in who you are and who you want to become. Find love in yourself and start living a healthy happy fulfilling life.

if you want to take that next up and put your faith in me and comment below and let’s reach your goals together! (at

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