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How many people know that they have said this?! I know I have! As I told you I let my poor planning lead to not following the 21 day fix fully so I restarted on Monday…. I couldn’t plan getting sick but I can tell you I really had no intentions of cooking or getting different groceries where I didn’t.
I still are healthy but not where I could follow so tomorrow I start at day one, no excuse, no poor planning, no nothing… I’m not waiting til Monday I’m starting the min I can!
If you’ve slacked, fallen off the wagon or have ted started and want to get back to living a healthy fulfilling life I challenge you not to wait til Monday (after Easter) I challenge you to start tomorrow! Tag a friend to help you keep accountable and comment that you commit!!

I had to restart the fix because of my poor planning for our Chicago super Saturday! Ready to be back in track and I get sick for the first time in 3 years… In still eating healthy but I’m not starting my day one til I can fully give it my 100% so I’m going to be starting hopefully tomorrow… First day I feel energized!

So many people shrink their dreams because they simply don’t believe that it’s possible… Why not dream so big that you HAVE to grow into that person to achieve your dreams! What is your BIG DREAM?!

You know what I think is amazing, I have about 10 other people doing the 21 Day fix with me, we are all located in different areas but we are all keeping each other accountable in our challenge group! We are supporting one another and sharing recipes, how we feel and pushing each other to be the best we can be! With out this group I don’t know how I would have stuck with it!’ Thanks gals!!
Do you feel support can help you keep accountable to your goals? If yes then tag someone you want to help keep accountable!

Morning #TBT I’m still speechless when I look back at photos. I thank God daily for leading me to my purpose of health and fitness, giving me the strength I needed to push forward to change my life and now being able to bless others! Double tap and tag someone to share the message that “small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results”

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